S.C.A.R. Training


When do you think about your adrenaline? Traditional scenario training or roll playing does not create the conscious mindset of self-preservation. Training the brain to stay balanced between the mindset, conscious and subconscious is key during stressful or critical situations. In the classroom officers learn and practice different methods of de-stressing and de-escalating for stressful situations. The one thing missing in the classroom is a conscious concern for one’s safety. This mindset needs to be consciously engaged to focus on self-control and emotional awareness to prevent adrenaline overload. It is the connection between the mindset and the conscious that keeps the subconscious form creating adrenaline overload. While working with horses on the ground, officers practice and develop internal de-escalation techniques before, during, and after stressful events.

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This is not a KLETC Training