Administration, Management, and Supervision of FTO Programs

Miami County Sheriff's Office

Utilizing the San Jose Model, the three-day
Administration, Management and Supervision of
FTO Programs is designed for the FTO
Supervisor and FTO Coordinator. Topics

● Organizational Structure of a Successful FTO
Program ● Managing and Supervision of the FTO
Program ● Development of the Task Book, Daily
Observation Report (DOR) and Standardized
Evaluation Guidelines (SEG) ● Employment separation
process ● Customization to meet Agency/Community
needs ● Establishing a content valid performance
evaluation ● Objective use of the SEGs ● Legal issues
and the Field Training Officer Program ● Creating and
maintaining an effective learning environment ●
Relationships between biases and teaching ● Ethical
issues and the Field Training Program ● Generational

209 S Pearl St.

This is not a KLETC Training