Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Graduates 324th Basic Training Class

324th Basic Training Class by KLETC flag pole

Photos by Jeff Tuttle

Twenty-one new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on April 26, 2024, in a ceremony held in KLETC’s Integrity Auditorium.  KLETC Police Instructor Senior Bryan Carey was the class coordinator for the graduating class, and the commencement speaker for the ceremony was Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission Chairperson Brandon Johnson.

"Vice Provost Daren Beck, Brandon Johnson, Class President Tyler Walton"
Vice Provost Beck, Brandon Johnson, Class President Walton

Brandon Johnson, who also serves as Wichita’s District 1 Council Member, shared a simple and important message with the graduates.  “With great power comes great responsibility.  I’ll say that again.  With great power comes great responsibility.  I want all of you in this class to consider what that means for you as a member of law enforcement in the community you will be serving in.” 

Chair Johnson expressed that with power and responsibility also comes the power to influence.  “You have the responsibility to be the best human you can be with every person you interact with because it may just be the only time they interact with a member of law enforcement, and you have the power to influence how they view the profession and how they interact with law enforcement in their community.”   

Under the authority of Vice Provost and Director of Police Training Darin Beck, graduates received certificates attesting to the satisfactory completion of a full-time basic course of instruction, and certification as Kansas law enforcement officers from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority.

The following are the graduates of the 324th basic training class:

*Award recipient

Joseph  Agee - Emporia State University Police Department

Derek Ball - Doniphan County Sheriff's Office

Fabian  Carlon - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

Coby Henley - Leavenworth Police Department

Freddy  Hernandez - Dodge City Police Department

Troy Hull - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

Colton  Kessler - Oswego Police Department

Elliot Kimminau - Jewell County Sheriff's Office

Kreg Kohl - Prairie Village Police Department
*Honors, Fitness

Bryon Letterman - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

Michael Lopez - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

David Love - Wellsville Police Department

Joseph  Manyo - Neosho County Sheriff's Office

Danny   Marino-Gandarilla - Liberal Police Department

Gracie   Rogers - Wamego Police Department

Maxwell Row - Liberal Police Department

Anthony Schneider - Miami County Sheriff's Office

Maitland Smith - Wellington Police Department

Harrison Spencer - Prairie Village Police Department

Jay VanCoevern - Dickinson County Sheriff's Office

Tyler Walton - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office
*Class President