Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Graduates 311th Basic Training Class

Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center 311th Basic Training Class Photo

Photos by Jeff Tuttle

Twenty-four new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on June 30, 2023 in a ceremony held in KLETC's Integrity Auditorium. KLETC Police Instructor Senior Michael Turenne was the class coordinator for the graduating class and the commencement speaker for the ceremony was El Dorado Police Chief Mike Holton.

El Dorado Police Chief Mike Holton and Class President El Dorado Officer Christopher McGathy

Chief Holton extended his heartfelt congratulations to the graduates who have dedicated themselves to the noble pursuit of upholding justice and safeguarding communities.  “Law enforcement is a calling that requires a unique blend of courage, compassion, and unwavering dedication,” said Holton.  “It is a profession that demands not only physical strength but also unwavering commitment to integrity, fairness, and the preservation of human rights.”

Under the authority of Executive Director Darin Beck, graduates received certificates attesting to the satisfactory completion of a full-time basic course of instruction, and certification as Kansas law enforcement officers from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority.

The following are the graduates of the 311th basic training class:

*Award recipient

Andres Couch - El Dorado Police Department

Adrian Deleon - Garden City Police Department

Zachariah Denton - Caney Police Department

Michael Falck - Barton County Sheriff's Office

Achilles Ferrell - La Cygne Police Department

Zachary Fischer - Rice County Sheriff's Office

Michiah Frayer - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office

Thomas Godfrey - Meade County Sheriff's Office

Elias Green - Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office

Dwayne Killman - Butler County Sheriff's Office

Sheldon Lafleur - Coffey County Sheriff's Office

Christopher Lawson - Coffey County Sheriff's Office

Gavin Liggett - Holton Police Department

Mason Little - McPherson Police Department

Christopher McGathy - El Dorado Police Department
*Class President

Khamde Pak - Garden City Police Department

Crystal Patterson - Andover Police Department

Elijah Perry - Haysville Police Department

Joshua Reynolds - Kansas City KS Comm College Campus

Ryan Siegfried - Kansas City Public Schools Police Department

Kyle Stokes - Crawford County Sheriff's Office

Kyler Sugars - Saline County Sheriff's Office

Jason Turner - Fort Hays State Univ Police Department

Jeffrey Walker - Butler County Sheriff's Office

Member of Hutchinson Police Department Honor Guard