Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center Graduates 293rd Basic Training Class

KLETC Associate Director Alvin Sowers Certifies the 293rd Basic Training Class

KLETC Associate Director Alvin Sowers Certifies the 293rd Basic Training Class

Twenty new law enforcement officers graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) on May 20th at a ceremony held in the KLETC Integrity Auditorium. 

Officer Daniel Harshbarger of the Rose Hill Police Department was the graduating class president. The speaker for the ceremony was Sheriff Jack Laurie of the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office. Michael Turenne, KLETC Senior Instructor of Police, was the Class Coordinator for the 293rd Basic Training Class.

Officers Jonah Rostetter of the Hesston Police Department, Minh Pham of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Marc Coletti of the Salina Police Department, and Deputy Jeremiah Andrews of the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office received fitness awards. Officer Coletti was also recognized for having the best overall improvement in the push-ups, sit-ups, and the 1.5 mile run while Officer Rostetter was recognized for having run the most miles in his class (224.96 miles). Officer Pham was recognized during the ceremony for his firearms proficiency as the class’ “Top Shot”.

"KLETC Executive Director and Class President for the 293rd Basic Training Class, Daniel Harshbarger"
KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck and Class President for the 293rd Basic Training Class, Daniel Harshbarger

Graduates receive certificates of course completion from KLETC and Kansas law enforcement certification from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority. The training course fulfills the state requirement for law enforcement training. Classroom lectures and hands-on applications help train officers to solve the increasingly complex problems they face in the line of duty.

Established by the Kansas Legislature in 1968, KLETC trains the majority of municipal, county, and state law enforcement officers in Kansas and oversees the training of the remaining officers at seven authorized and certified academy programs operated by local law enforcement agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

About 300 officers enroll annually in KLETC 14-week basic training programs. KLETC offers continuing education and specialized training to over 10,000 Kansas officers each year. KLETC is located one mile west and one mile south of Yoder, near Hutchinson, and is a division of the University of Kansas Lifelong & Professional Education.

The graduates, who began their training in February 2022, represented multiple municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies from across Kansas. Graduates are listed below by county and agency:

Jesse Noll - Atchison County Sheriff's Office
Shane Nix - Atchison County Sheriff's Office

Garrison Cobb - Hoisington Police Department
Emma Mooney - Great Bend Police Department

William Entrikin - Horton Police Department

Daniel Harshbarger - Rose Hill Police Department
Jacob McCoy - El Dorado Police Department

Samuel Caito - Concordia Police Department

Oscar Rivera - Dodge City Police Department

Cole Allen - Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Brian Jung - Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Jeremiah Andrews - Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office

Jonah Rostetter - Hesston Police Department

Carson Wolfe - Phillips County Sheriff’s Office

Lucas Dunbar - Hutchinson Police Department

Salvador Ramirez - Rooks County Sheriff’s Office

Marc Coletti - Salina Police Department

Minh Pham - Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Lucas Coulter - Colby Police Department

John Lobner - Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office