National De-escalation Training

Goodland Police Department

National De-escalation Training approved training is the most comprehensive, innovative, and evidence-based experiential program available for law enforcement professionals. Based on the DISC personality assessment system – a tested and proven method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits in human behavior – NDTC training teaches officers to identify personality characteristics quickly, to adjust their approach and maximize effective communication and interaction with a subject.

NDTC-trained professionals will learn best practice de-escalation methods and sharpen their abilities to:

  • Apply behavior modeling analysis to resolve potential conflicts
  • Recognize active or passive threats
  • Practice verbal judo and active listening techniques
  • Convey respect
  • Permit venting
720 Armory Road

This is not a KLETC training.

Please contact the Goodland Police Department for registration and great rates at local motels!