De-Escalation Training

Lindsborg Police Department

The training is taught by instructors from Fort Hays State University, the Region 2 Training Center for the National De-Escalation Training Center (NDTC).

The NDTC facilitates innovation, research, and development of best practices in law enforcement de-escalation training.  The NDTC uses the most popular and broadly accepted personality model in the world, DISC, to de-escalate situations. Traditional de-escalation training models use accepted practices such as allowing venting and active listening, as taught in verbal judo training. However, these approaches treat everyone as if they are the same using “a one-size-fits-all” model. The NDTC model harnesses these traditional approaches yet augments them by identifying the subject’s personality and communicating with them based upon their individual personality traits. This training teaches officers to identify personality quickly (sometimes in just seconds) so they can adjust their approach to maximize effective communication and interaction with a subject.

102 N Main Street

This is not a KLETC training.

Please contact the Lindsborg Police Department to register for this training. - 785-227-2988