Zach Ebmeier selected for The University of Kansas' 2021 Aspiring Leaders Program

KLETC Building

Zach Ebmeier, Senior Maintenance and Repair Technician for KLETC, was selected to take part in The University of Kansas' 2021 Aspiring Leaders Program.

“KU sent out an email to everyone about the Aspiring Leaders Program. Zach saw it and wanted to apply,” said Jon Havner, KLETC Maintenance Manager and Ebmeier’s supervisor. “I told him that I thought it was a good move for his career advancement.”

Zach Ebmeier

Zach Ebmeier

The Aspiring Leaders Program began last week, is eight-months long, and includes monthly classroom sessions as well as individual coaching, small group collaborations, and independent study and reflection. Havner noted that the program will teach Ebmeier how to be a great leader moving forward.“Everybody needs leaderships skills,” said Havner. “This program will give him the foundations of what you need to be a leader.”

KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck agrees.

“The opportunity for Zach to network and learn from his peers across KU is invaluable,” said Director Beck. “The Aspiring Leaders Program is an investment that will benefit Zach, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, and KU.”

Zach said he is grateful for the opportunity that was given to him and appreciates KLETC’s support with this endeavor.

“I want to better myself and become a more confident and capable leader,” said Ebmeier. “I want to improve my leadership skills overall and learn to communicate better with my peers and co-workers.”

This is the sixth cohort since the program launched in 2017.