KLETC Distributes Its 1,000th IFAK

Darin Beck presents Samantha Snell with KLETC's 1000th individual first aid kit

KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck congratulates Samantha Snell of the Galena Police Department on receiving the 1,000th IFAK.

KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck presented Samantha Snell of the Galena Police Department with the training center’s 1,000th individual first aid kit on Friday, January 15th. The individual first aid kits, or IFAKs, are handed out to each student during the Tactical Medicine portion of KLETC’s Crisis Management Class.

Tactical Medicine prepares students for a crisis or a mass casualty event.  The difference between the IFAKs and a standard first aid kit is that the IFAKs are designed to deal with major injuries, whereas first aid kits are intended to deal with basic superficial wounds.

"The IFAK allows an officer to take care of themselves or someone else from a severe bleeding incident," said class instructor, Bruce Jolliff. 

Director Beck addressed the class and reminded them that what they learned today will help them better serve their community. “KLETC provides the IFAKs for Kansas law enforcement because it is a critical component in conjunction with your training,” he said. 

Director Beck also recognized Instructor Jolliff for his work in developing the class and in obtaining grant funding from Kansas Homeland Security.