Red Dot Sights for Duty Pistols

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office

Just as red dot sights started out slow for rifles and ultimately became the standard, the same
is projected to occur with duty pistols. As technology continues to get better, the red dot
sights will become more prolific. Instructors need to know the technical aspects of these
sighting systems and the best way to conduct transitional training for them.

This 2-day / 16-hour instructor development course is designed to provide instructors with
technical information related to red dot sights, mounting options, and holster considerations.
In addition, instructors will learn the best way to conduct transitional training and the types of
drills to run to address the common concerns associated with the use of RDS on duty pistols.


This is not a KLETC Training


You Must Be A NLEFIA Member To Attend!

Membership Levels:
 Law Enforcement - $50 annually
 Military - $40 annually
 Retired LE / Military - $35 annually
 Private Sector - $60 annually (restrictions apply)
 International - $60 annually (restrictions apply)