Understanding the Mexican Cartels & 'Narco' Culture

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office

This course covers the complexities of the Mexican Culture in regards to its history, religion, politics, law,

traditions, folklore and much more. The Course provides law enforcement professionals, and other investigators

the tools to recognize “indicators” of factors and items of interest of non-criminal activity versus those of criminal

activity. Participants will develop a more thorough understanding of the Mexican culture, and as such be able to

provide better service to their ever-changing communities. The beginning of the course has been described as a

“cultural awareness class on steroids”, as it relates to both criminal and non-criminal behaviors.

Please send letter of intent with attendee’s information and venue of class attending in the form

of an email to vigilanceprojectcourse@gmail.com, in order to reserve your seat(s). Payment via

check must be received (within 15 days of email) to confirm your reservation, and sent to the

following address:

The Vigilance Project LLC.

35 S. Beech St. Unit #836, Cortez, Colorado 81321

Credit Cards are accepted, please contact us directly. Final day to sign up for this course is

TBA - the final day to cancel is July 7, 2024. (please note, no refunds will be given after said

date). Any questions, please email vigilanceprojectcourse@gmail.com

4100 S 4th St.

This is not a KLETC Training