Crime Scene Processing

Goodland Police Department

This EXTENSIVE 3-DAY class is designed to teach you how to handle any crime scene. Learn the necessary skills to organize and process any scene, whether a car break, a burglary, or a suspicious death. There is no “Death by Powerpoint” in this class. Participants will use all types of processing materials.

Topics covered include:
 Crime Scene Documentation – Photo Logs, Search Logs, Evidence Logs
 Introduction to Photography (Point & shoot and DSLR)
 Fingerprinting for ALL Surfaces, and we mean ALL!
 Footwear, Tire impressions, and Tool Marks
 Trace Evidence – Light Sources, DNA Evidence, Blood Evidence, Hair, Fibers, etc.
 Court expectations – Chain of custody

720 Armory Rd

This is not a KLETC training.