Ballistic Shield Familiarization Training

Wichita State University Police

Course Description:
Ballistic shield familiarization is a one day training designed to expose students to various concepts revolving around shield deployment, using shields in a team setting, and how to mitigate exposure while utilizing a shield. Our tactics have been pressured tested in both training and in live operations. As mentioned, the purpose of this course is designed to expose students to the shield. Students wanting to become shield operators should attend the GMS Shield Operator Course.


 Active shooter
 Hostage rescue team tactics
 Deliberate search
 Threshold evaluation
 Breaching while utilizing ballistic shields
 Low light utilizing ballistic shields
 Vehicle encounters

Jeremy Gray

This is not a KLETC Training


" In the wake of the tragedy involving Uvalde, GMS is providing this one-day training free of charge. GMS is prioritizing SRO’s in order to better prepare them to protect our children and our community but any law enforcement personnel is welcome. A maximum of 20 students will be allowed."